What a novelty - a mid month uodate!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Many readers will know that a few weeks ago we were asked if we would like to participate in a feature about the garden  for Gardener's World.We didn't have to think too long abou it and today it was the big day . A 6 o'clock start was a rude awakening for us but it was already a glorious day when the team arrived at 8.30, having travelled from Bristol, one of them had just arrived in the UK from an assignment in the USA showing what a global world production teams come from.There were 4 in total, Alex the Director, Anne the researcher who had "discovered" us from the obscurity this website! Matt the cameraman and Rich the sound man, with their expensive equipment.


Most of the team work on a freelance basis but regularly work together on Gardeners' World so have a lot of experience in the world of horticulture. The format for the feature was that I was aked questions about my background, and topics they would like me to address which were  currently in  evidence in the garden and in this way I acted as a presenter for the day which I quite enjoyed and all the team made me conforthable in this role. It was difficult to cope with external noises especially aircraft for which we are on a main flight path to and from the USA. In these cases the scene had to be repeated  and I had to pick up the threads of where  I was before the interruption.



It was a long but really enjoyable day, broken by a delicious buffet lunch  prepared by Moira. Our good friend Richard Bramley joined us for the afternoon and we teamed up in one of the topics that were covered. There are plenty of fine scenes in the borders which gave the team a wide coice of what to feature, the only limitation was that the there will only be a 6-7 minute slot!!! in the finished article,  to be pulished when the item appears in in a future programme. When the date for that is known I will let you know. We can't wait to see it and we are sure that you will too.



I hope by then I will then have the time to publish the outstanding June News before I turn my attention to the July News which has turned out to be an amazing but very challenging month with some outstanding plants successes



 The front entrance to the Lodge packed with some of our summer favorites


One group of plants  featured which is looking marvellous is the hemerocallis (day lily) on  which I demonstrated dead heading techniques, noticing just in time that this flower had 2 large bumble bees in it!!


More pics in next months News