100_2759.JPGThe entrance drive creates 2 separate gardens; the one at the rear of the Lodge being called The House Garden and the one on the other side of the drive being called The Paddock Garden

The House Garden is made over to a large vegetable garden as its centrepiece with shrub and herbaceous borders surrounding it. There are also 3 greenhouses in this garden.

The Paddock Garden is an ornamental garden featuring large contrasting herbaceous borders leading down to a waterlily and wildlife pond. There is also a Koi Pond and stream garden.  At the side of the Paddock Garden is the Nursery where there are plants for sale and 2 polytunnels and numerous cold frames.

The soil throughout the 2 gardens is a stony loam with a PH of about 6.5 ideal for growing a wide variety of plants of which we take full advantage.

100_2761.JPGThe planting reflects our love of hardy plants, hellebores, hostas and clematis being particular favourites. We are however always trying new plants adding to our existing range and pushing the boundaries of what we can grow. The valley setting creates a frost pocket where late frosts even occasionally in June, are not unknown.

We collect seed every year from our own plants in the garden and with other seed we obtain from a wide variety of sources regularly sow up to 300 varieties each spring. The plants from these are used all over the garden and surplus plants are sold in the nursery