Medwyn's Vegetable Masterclass Weekend

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rather than wait until the end of the month to publish news of this prestigous meeting of some of the best vegetable growers in the UK, I can't wait that long to share it with you. It was the 16th consecutive year that this event had been staged at The Royal Victoria Hotel in Llanberis, North Wales

The fabulous setting of the hotel



It was a fantastic weekend in every respect: the setting, hotel. quality of the speakers, the warmth of the welcome and willingness of all delegates to share their knowldge and experience over 3 intensive days with lectures staring at 9 am and not finishing until  9 pm (with some breaks for food etc in between!). I learnt a great deal and marvelled at the skill and dedication of those delegates (many of them current or past National Champions in a wide variety of classes)  who grow exhibition quality vegetables. Even in a poor year like 2012 they somehow overcame the vagaries of the weather to bring quality crops to the table and show benches. 


An advertising board with lots of free advice leaflets that were much appreciated!



It was a well balanced programme of talks ranging from beneficial soil biology, growing vegetables under straw, giant veg. and talks on individual vegetable varieties like parsnips,  long rooted carrots and beetroot.


An interesting talk in session on growing long parsnips for the showbench by Ian Stocks all the way from Scotland. There were lots of delegates from the north of England as well as Scotland. Other areas were well represented too!



Also in the programme was my humble talk on growing veg for the table. Although I am not an expert like the other speakers I was generally pleased how my talk went and I received some favourable comments afterwards. I tried to replicate the type of talk I have given to garden clubs during the last 5 years and the raffle of some of my plants was good fun. In particular the taste test on the Rosada tomatoes I shared with the delegates went down well and only one of them had ever previously grown them. The tomatoes met with a very favourable response for their fine well balanced flavour, firm texture, long cropping period, and truss size. I think there will be a few more growing them next year!!

Medwyn was at the heart of everything that went on and his organisation of the event was exemplary. He is widely respected and his good humour and humility made everyone feel at ease in his company (and he put on a fine display of dancing during the evening entertainment on the Saturday night!!) He remains unaffected by all his success over the years and he still strives for perfection but settles for excellence and long may it continue. His wife Gwenda is an integral part of the business and had a high profile throughout the weekend. She organised a raffle on behalf of the Stroke Association for which she is a fervent campaigner, and her parting gift of Welshcakes for all delegates was much appreciated.


Medwyn's closing session



Just time for a couple of pics. This one of the assembled delegates



And this one of some of the speakers including yours truly and the "Main Man" who is the good looking one on the right!!



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