Chemotherapy update

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Friends and regular readers will know that from early January onwards I have been receiving regular 3 weekly cycles of chemo. to help combat my mesothelioma cancer that I have lived with for 2 years.

I was due to have a total of 6 sessions, but my consultant has decided that, following a recent CT scan which revealed that, since the treatment started, my cancer has not progressed, nor has there been any spread to more distant areas of the body, there is no benefit in continuing with the full course of treatment so next Wednesday will be my last. The longer time has gone on the more I have been troubled with a range of minor but nonetheless invasive side effects and by stopping treatment now it will give my body chance to fully recover and for my quality of life to improve. And hopefully to give me my strength back to do some gardening again which I have really missed!

I will continue to be monitored and if my situation changes  a further course of chemo could be an option, or I could be eligible for one of the numerous mesothelioma trials that are taking place all over the country, including Cardfiff, which would be so much easier for us if I was  selected.

We would like to thank everyone for their continuing concern and messages of support and encouragement which has meant  a great deal to us.


My usual monthly  News  will be published at the end of this month, if I can find something to write about, because recovery after the severe weather has taken a very long time.