Apologies that the June website News has not been published yet

Friday, July 6, 2018

Dear friends if you have been searching the website for the usual end of month Website News I am sorry you have not been able to find it yet. There are a number of reasons for this. Nothing serious and we are both well and enjoyed a superb month. Watering has consumed a large part of our days as has dead heading of roses and daylilies both of which have been outstanding. Managing the Koi Pond has been a problem with pumps and filters not functioning properly which is not what you want when the fish are stressed with low oxygen levels. We will be having the filter sytem replaced when the weather permits. Good service after 26 years of continuous use. We had some very good outings to gardens with friends which made  a welcome change from watering!

I have large galleries of pictures we have taken which I was looking forward to sharing with you but my website template was playing up and our west Wales Broadband service defies belief with an average speed of 1.2.  Loading pictures into the website takes an eternity at the best of times, but I haven't had the time at present to overcome these particular problems. I do hope by the end of the month to publish  a gallery of the pics and more detailed news updates, provided the jobs reduce the hot weather relents and we get some longed for rain

The exciting main news of June was that we were contacted by Anne a researcher from BBC "Gardeners World" who had been following our website and was interested by the range of plants we grow. She asked to come and view the garden"in the flesh" and shortly after she came with Alex a  programme director. We were subsequently nominated for a feature  on the programme which will be shot on 19 July -6 hours or so of footage for a 6 -7 minute slot on a future programme. I believe I am due to do the voice over! We will of course let you know how all this goes and needless to say are very excited about the prospect. Publication date will be decided at some stage in the future.

Hope you are all surviving the heat and drought but plants are showing how resilient they can be at times like this, even if the hydrangeas in particular look so dry you would think  they have been frosted. More war dances for rain please

With good wishes, Keith and Moira.