Friday, March 5, 2021

On Friday Friday 5th March it will be the first anniversary of Keith's passing. Sadly due to Coronavirus life is still not back to normal and no-one is really able to meet up in large numbers as we did before the Pandemic.

I had hoped to hold a memorial service for Keith but as things stand it will be a long time before everyone feels safe to meet up like that so I have decided not to pursue this.

Notwithstanding this although Keith was unable to have the funeral he deserved I did at least receive over 200 cards of sympathy and that is not counting all the emails I also received.

The general opinion from everyone was that he was a true gentleman and so kind and generous to everyone he met and indeed a great plantsman. So many of you have said how pleased you are to have a memory of Keith in your gardens having bought plants from Cilgwyn Lodge and his memory lives on. I have continued to maintain the garden on my own to the best of my ability and on Tuesday this week our dear friend Robert came to do the first Spring cut of the lawns so that once again the stripes were restored to the lawns at Cilgwyn Lodge which Keith was always very proud of.

Some of you may know by now that I was contacted by Joseph Atkin the head Gardner of Aberglasney Gardens Carmarthenshire as he wanted me to come and oversee the planting of a Magnolia tree in memory of Keith. What a fitting and fantastic tribute for Keith. Keith really loved Magnolia trees but alas were not suitable for planting at the Lodge. The Magnolia tree Joseph planted is called Magnolia Tikitere and is a new one from New Zealand. It has deep pink buds on the outside and opens to white flowers on the inside and flowers in April. I was immensely proud of this gesture by Joseph and is such a fitting tribute and memorial for Keith. At least I will be able in the future to meet up with friends and acquaintances at Aberglasney and say Hello to Keith with them.

Although it is 12 months since Keith's passing I continue to miss him every day. In the words of Keith's sister Heather whose message I received this week she considers me to be a star getting through all I have had to deal with on my own and triumphing over adversity.

I send love and best wishes to you all and let's hope there will finally be an end to this Pandemic which has touched everyone. MOIRAXX